Manafort jailed as co-conspirator Podesta gets immunity…and it’s NOT a political hit-job?

Everyone knows Manafort was being squeezed by Mueller to get at Trump, in the old game of prosecutorial blackmail Mueller’s been known for using over decades.

Well, almost everyone.

Obama-appointed judge Jackson dismissed claims that Manafort’s being persecuted for his political affiliation with Trump, but charges brought against him involved Podesta as well, since he was working with (for?) the Democrat-linked Podesta when it occurred.

(Keep in mind, those activities occurred years before the 2016 Trump campaign, while working with Tony Podesta, brother of Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta.)

Yet Podesta was given immunity…for the same activities Manafort’s been convicted?

Summary? It’s okay to break laws while affiliated with Democrats, just stay away from Republicans after…in order to avoid prosecution traps they’ve got waiting in the wings.

Yeah, yeah…no political motivation there – move along now.

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