‘Anti-nat’l emergency’ (small r) republicans are making fools of themselves

Unbelievably, an estimable National Review Online joins the ‘camel-thru-needle’s-eye’ club, arguing the Senate GOP should vote against the President’s national emergency:

“…on principle and out of institutional self-respect”.

That’s laugh-out-loud tragic…considering lack of ‘principle and institutional self-respect’ is what got America to this point in the first place. Lest we forget, the Democrats used illegal immigrants as a political football, while Republicans did NOTHING.


Does the NRO editorial staff actually read the stuff they write?

They argue, though it may (?) be legal, it does “an end run around the congressional spending power” thereby delegitimizing the authority of Congress on appropriations, but in the very next paragraphs they note Congress is “so often unwilling to take political responsibility and to protect its own prerogatives.” (italics, underline emphasis added)


Then, as what one would (ironically) read as a coup-de-gras to this editorial malfeasance, NRO notes “The spending is sequenced so the national-emergency funds come last, and they may never need to come into play if Trump gets Congress to cough up more funding in the next appropriations cycle.” (bold, underline emphasis added)

Rampant drug-running, sex/human trafficking, and mayhem could have been effectively reduced long ago; in this age of relentless terrorist efforts, secure borders are critical…

…yet, instead, it’s an issue allowed to continue, as political football is being played.

Acknowledging it IS a national emergency, yet bashing the one man who’s willing to do something about it – FINALLY – does harm to the very political Party they champion.

Doesn’t it make more sense, EDITORIALLY, to write an op-ed telling Congress  to avoid this imbroglio by DOING THEIR JOB, negating use of a nat’l emergency?

Claiming a ‘constitutional crisis’ when the President acts to do what Congress won’t is a fool’s game, as is worrying that ‘a next opposition Party president may do it as well’


Not one critic of this national emergency can say Trump hasn’t given Congress every chance to do this properly, through legislation – but Congress won’t, and in the end…

that’s the REAL national emergency.

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