Another lesson on Socialism…

Next time that Leftie buddy brings up anti-capitalism sentimentsSOCIALISM IN ACTION: Venezuelans Collect Drinking Water …FROM THE SEWER!

As Andy Puzder notes in a recent op-ed “They tried the Socialist Nirvana AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) envisions in Venezuela.  As recently as 2011, Venezuela was the richest nation in South America.  It sits on an ocean of oil.  With promises of benefits and social well-being, the Venezuelans elected – democratically – a group of socialist elites to rule them…The result was want, misery and poverty.”

(Does Ocasio-Cortez think Venezuela’s socialist elites are drinking sewer water?)

Last week in Venezuela electricity failed, and lights went out.

And now, those who elected the socialist elites responsible are drinking sewer water.

Class dismissed.

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