Next best thing to control of Congress, is gridlocking Congress

BlueCollar was hoping the last 2 years of success for President Trump would open the eyes of the American electorate to the point where tradition would give way to reason.

Unfortunately, the House seems to be headed toward Democrat control.

Next best thing to control of Congress is gridlocking Congress, and with unprecedented increases of Republican seats in the Senate, seems that’s the direction we’re headed.

As for Democrat threats for the future, looks like it’s ‘let the Devil take the hindmost.’ It may actually be fun…watching President Trump play Mad Maxine & Nattering Nancy.

But, don’t forget…the new Congress doesn’t swear in ’til January, which means a GOP-controlled House until then can still pass legislation with Senate help to close the year.

IF they’re actually in office to SERVE the people, that is.

So, GOP, pass Wall funding; pass permanent tax cuts – leave a legacy deserved.

You have the tools – for the People…serve in the NOW.

As for the threatened House Democrat ‘Devil take the hindmost’ approach?

Our money’s on the President.

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