Cagematch: President Trump vs Crazed House Dems? THAT’S Entertainment!

Putting a smiley face on the apparent loss of control in the House…

We can’t think of what could be more entertaining over the next two years than the President matching wits with the House Democrats focused on Trump-derangement.

Especially if border-wall funding and permanent tax-cuts get passed by year’s end…

…’cuz that means we’ll have 2 more years of economic WINNING going into 2020.

Besides, what were the odds that House-controlling Republicans were ever going to do anything but serve while holding 1 finger in the next-election wind…their usual stance?

Now that it seems Democrats took control, we’re released from that teeth-grinding frustration, and looking forward to the spectacle of a Trump-v-Dems cagematch.


…we’d like to give a shoutout to California Senator Dianne Feinstein, because without her anti-Kavanaugh smear campaign, Republicans might well have lost the Senate.

Thanks Dianne…

…without your disgusting act, Democrats may have won ALL of Congress.

Prepare now for the President to ‘prep the battlefield’ over the next few weeks, posing as a willing bi-partisan and positioning recalcitrant House Democrats as obstructionist.

NOW – Let the games begin.

(‘Cuz, let’s face it…in a battle of wits/ideas, Trump is facing unarmed opponents.)

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