Cautiously optimistic over elections, ‘cuz…

BlueCollar is optimistic over the midterm elections, for several reasons…

  1. Push-polling (meant to influence more than poll) did not seem to achieve the desired affect in resulting numbers, showing quite a few races remarkably close;
  2. Republican early voting is higher than normal, showing marked enthusiasm;
  3. We see huge turnouts at Trump events, as opposed to opposition Party events;
  4. Major negatives focused on the FakeNews media outlets and their tactics;
  5. Democrat early voting has also been reported as high, but is that good for Dems?
    1. Booming economy, historically low unemployment for minorities/women, and sky-high consumer confidence fosters a ‘don’t rock the boat’ mentality;
    2. Support for Trump among black voters is reported at over 40%;
    3. The illegal alien caravan timing is problematic, considering a majority of Americans – many Democrats – don’t want open, unsecure borders;
    4. Mob violence and thug tactics don’t play well with law-abiding citizens;
    5. Below-the-belt treatment of Kavanaugh and violent politician rhetoric will turn off more decent Democrat voters, than motivate their thug element.

The Democrat negatives noted above are positives for Republicans – there’s very little chance that a Republican will turn out to vote Democrat, given all that’s transpired.

Conversely, we suspect many decent Democrats will turn out in numbers to make their unease felt over the actions of their political leadership these past two years. So, the fact that Democrat turnout seems high doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll all vote (D).

(Remember – it’s known if someone voted…but how they voted isn’t known.)

Unknowns? How many dead and/or otherwise illegal voters will be casting ballots?

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