Looney Left ‘threat-dragging’ Democrats to vote…but secret ballot voting ‘R’ can spoil that strategy

Who IN THEIR RIGHT MIND thinks this is okay?

If you’re a Democrat, how would you feel to see this door-hanger on your front door?

Remember, who you vote for is private, but whether or not you vote is public record. We can’t wait to see that you voted on November 6!(emphasis added)

As noted in our last post, voting is a secret process. They may be able to tell if voters showed up to vote or not, but there’s no way to tell HOW that vote was cast.

Any 1st Congressional District Pennsylvanian who receives such a threatening note should make their displeasure at being threatened known…by voting ‘Republican’.

Let the vote count send a message: vote-threats are not welcome in America. 

First there’s threats of being cut-off sexually, then there’s Black Panthers in camo and carrying weapons, now threatening door-hangers…this is ‘Get-Out-The-Vote’ writ crazy.

Democrats must be so proud.

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