Open message to Robert De Niro…empty barrels make the most noise

Arguably one of the great American actors, Robert DeNiro lowers himself to the delight of the Left, but, to many, it seems a sad effort to regain some fading celebrity status.

A career such as DeNiro’s should end on a more dignified note…pandering to the base instincts of a Roman Polanski-adoring Hollywood crowd is an ugly, tragic departure.

It does, however, shine a light on the only strategy the Left can bring to bear against a President who has revived American optimism, confidence and pride in just 17 months.

Those who condoned Harvey Weinstein-Bill Clinton-Louis Farrakhan behavior for years now claim to have an ability to know inner motivations and thoughts of Donald Trump…

…but, they aren’t mind-readers…

…so, in reality…all they have is hate.

It’s sad to see an actor of DeNiro’s magnitude travel down that road.

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