So, his Iran deal got as much effort as his Nobel prize, which is to say…none

Newly-elected Obama gave a couple speeches, the Nobel committee swooned, and Voila! He was awarded a Nobel peace prize – even as global warring escalated.

But, hey, hot air can only do so much…right? So, it begs the question…

…why is it surprising to hear his much-vaunted Iran deal was a disaster from the start?

Victor Davis Hanson lays out a devastating critique of that disaster, and sums it up…

“The Iran deal was born in deceit, sold through deception, and kept alive by willful blindness. The more we were told it could not be nullified, the more malodorous it became. Nothing since its death has proven it wise; everything has confirmed it really was, in the words of Trump, “a disaster.”” (bold emphasis added)

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