That was then…this is now…?

Haters gotta hate.

Weekly Standard editorial: “Failing on His Own Terms”

Sub-headline…”When are we going to start doing very, very well?”

The same people who, during the Obama regime, chastised Americans for not realizing the necessity of ‘nuanced’ slow-waltz diplomacy…now fret over the speed of results?

Fomenting over what hasn’t been done while ignoring what has been done…all as their phony ‘Russia collusion’ hoax hampers his every move…is an exercise in hypocrisy.

Anti-Trumpers, Never-Trumpers, the FakeNews media (yeah, yeah…redundant…we know) are all working at fever pitch to take this President down, any way they can.

Record low unemployment? Who cares.

Consumer confidence at an all-time high? Big deal.

GDP rates rising? Household incomes increasing? Yawn.

Their objective…

…make enough noise to obscure any success, by raging over what’s not yet done.

As someone said not long ago…if President Trump walked on water…

…the Haters would claim he can’t swim.

Sorry haters…

…compared to Obama’s 8-year malaise…this President’s walking the walk.

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