Reminder – fruit from a poisonous tree…is ALSO poisonous

Another day, another Left-wing legal expert claiming the President is wrong saying the special counsel appointment looking into Trump-Russia collusion is unconstitutional.

Rehashing the history of special counsel ups-n-downs isn’t necessary, Mr. Katyal.

Our U.S. Constitution has as its foundation…rule-of-law.

That said, the PREMISE for the necessity of a special counsel appointment is a criminal matter is under investigation…but in this case, there was none. The counter-intelligence investigation that was underway and wrongly used to justify the special counsel has now been proven to be an Obama administration setup from the start…

…in our opinion, to ‘legally’ spy on Mr. Trump and his campaign.

Obama’s DOJ & intel leaders orchestrated the ‘Russia’ connection. Hillary’s campaign and the DNC paid cutout lawyers to fund FusionGPS’s dirt dossier…it’s proven fact.

Democrats nurtured that poison tree, and used its fruits to justify a special counsel.

Rule-of-Law dictates fruit from a poisonous tree IS NOT LEGITIMATE.

President Trump is NOT wrong, Mr. Katyal. Mueller’s appointment is not constitutional.




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