How to deal with sports team champs and White House invitations…

Professional sports teams are lining up to dis-invite themselves at the White House.

It’s their way of disrespecting a President they don’t like. What these teams seem to not understand is that, as President, Mr. Trump represents all America, not just sycophants.

A possible way to defuse this brouhaha would be to appoint, on a rotating basis, military branches to issue the invitation…as their guests…and then see who wants to blink first.

Commander-in-Chief Trump then gets to pay homage to sports and military champions, as the host – at the White House – to a military branch and┬átheir guests. Soldiers and sailors get to meet sports idols up close, and the ‘idols’ get to meet REAL HEROES.

The Eagles may think it’s fair game to disrespect President Trump…

…how would they feel about disrespecting the United States Marine Corps?


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