In our opinion, Mueller’s objective was always a Democrat cover-up operation

Add another article to those laying out a clear, compelling case that the special counsel probe is illegal, unethical, and unconstitutional…and has been from the beginning.

For over a year, BlueCollar has made the case…these aren’t stupid people; they know their foundation’s not on solid ground…they’re actually conducting a cleaning operation.

It’s a shell-game variation. Street scammers used 3 seashells to hide a pea, charging those dumb enough to play, believing they could outsmart the scammers hiding the pea.

What the challenger didn’t know is sleight-of-hand swept the pea into the scammer’s palm…clueless, players watched what they thought was the right shell, never knowing.

Mueller’s sleight-of-hand variant keeps everyone focused on the scam…Trump-Russia ‘collusion’…while he and his Democrat-heavy cohort sweep Democrat chicanery clean.

Selling uranium assets, taking pay-to-play millions; Democrats ran wild for eight years while Obama-&-Co. closed their eyes to misdeeds…or benefited themselves.

No one expected Hillary to lose; they had no misgivings about the scope of chicanery.

One can only hope true rule-of-law comes into play, and their deception is revealed…


The article linked above mentions the RICO Act in the beginning segment. Considering the scope of racketeering Democrats have been up to over the Obama years, one can only hope that Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act is invoked.

When it comes to racketeering and corruption, involving massive abuse of power…

...those Democrats then in leadership positions had no equal.

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