Once again, for clarity…taking-a-knee based on LIES is not a legitimate ‘protest’

Kaepernick started taking a knee disrespecting the National Anthem in protest against what he claimed were widespread acts of ‘unwarranted police deadly-force’ against blacks, and the continuing ‘rampant oppression against blacks’ by the Nation.

But FACTS are inconvenient things. Neither premise is legitimate.

More blacks were killed in Chicago last year, by other blacks – than were killed by law enforcement nationwide, and there’s no evidence of rampant oppression in the USA.

We’re willing to bet, just counting major American cities, the number of blacks killed by other blacks outnumbers law enforcement by a factor of 10x or more. If Kaepernick et al were to address that fact, they would be doing the black community a huge favor…

…but of course, they’d get nowhere near the celebrity adulation for doing so.

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