Finally, news outlets channel BlueCollar on the media’s Russia-fraud culpability

BlueCollar has posted several times about the need to invoke the RICO Act on corrupt practices of those people and groups perpetuating this Russia-collusion fraud on us, because it’s obvious to anyone that this is an organized effort to bring down a president.

We said it months ago – FakeNews is complicit with this Russia-collusion fraud in our Oct 2017 blog titled “…and don’t forget to add media to that RICO action…”

And the media isn’t some unwitting dupe – they’re the creators and driver of the hoax.

It’s obvious by now that the Democrat Party is actually the political arm of the Left-wing media, and even though this Federalist article points to the media as complicit with the fraudulent story, it doesn’t go far enough in making a broader case of their chicanery.

FusionGPS contracted with Steele to create the dirt-dossier…and, guess what – all the major principles at FusionbGPS are JOURNALISTS formerly with other news groups.

If any are in doubt about the power structure as outlined above (with news media in the leadership role), remember this – politicians don’t make-or-break news groups…

…news groups make-&-break politicians. 

(Until, of course, they ran up against Trump)

The RICO Act is exactly the legal mechanism required to deal with this fraud.

Those comfortable with how the media used Democrats to weaponize federal agencies might want to read today’s IBD police-state op-ed, think about how it would feel if their political Party were targeted by Republicans, then say if they’re okay with reciprocation.

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