(UPDATED) We say it again…bring on the RICO hammer

RICO – ‘Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations’ Act

From emails to uranium to dossiers, the corrupt organization of the Democrat Party –  from Obama to Susan Rice – is ripe for taking down through use of the RICO act.

Obama’s attorney generals Holder and Lynch, intelligence agency directors Brennan and Clapper, secretaries of state Clinton and Kerry, FBI director Comey, national security adviser Rice, UN ambassador Powers…they’re ALL active in this game.

And their deep-state activities continue, apace.

Tens of millions of dollars contributed by foreign agencies to obtain part of America’s uranium, thousands of classified emails mishandled on private servers jeopardizing national security, fake opposition-dirt dossiers used to violate the privacy and security of private citizens and an elected president – there’s no bottom to this well of deceit.

If this isn’t a ‘racketeering criminal organization’…

…there’s no such thing as racketeering anymore.

(UPDATE) As Julie Kelly notes today, an article by Andrew McCarthy over the weekend on this narrative reads  “…reads like a Tom Clancy thriller, complete with national security threats, extortion, fraud, money-laundering, racketeering, presidential politics, a buried plea deal, and a silenced FBI informant.”

Extortion; Fraud; Money Laundering; Racketeering…sure reads like RICO to us…


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