Could the RICO Act flush out the lawless-Democrat-agencies swamp?

With growing leaks of illegally obtained information flowing from various agencies, it’s time to start playing hardball with the Democrats and Obama’s left-wing cohort.

It looks like FISA-related information was criminally dispersed by the Obama team, after what may have been misleading use of ‘color of law’ justifications initially.

If that’s the case, we’re looking at a criminal conspiracy within a political party.

As a criminal conspiracy, would that fall under the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations act), which has fairly wide-sweeping parameters?

We aren’t lawyers, but if so, the solution is clear…

Indict them under the RICO Act, and start flushing out the swamp, targeting every new hire and promotion that occurred while Obama served in office for removal.

After all, if the Democrat Party is provably RICO-prone, then everyone touched by that Party is, by definition, an extension of the same problem, and justifiably tainted.

Man up, Republicans…start playing hardball.

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