Mueller’s first act should’ve been to verify credibility of premise for probe

Notwithstanding the fact special counsel appointments actually REQUIRE that a crime has been established as having been committed…any honest prosecutor appointed to that position should, as a first order of business, ensure credibility for its existence.

At that point, Mueller would’ve determined a FISA surveillance warrant was fraudulently obtained, and the next order of business should have been to indict co-conspirators.

Mueller’s extra-legal parameters instructed he follow “…any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation…” (bold emphasis added)

Failing to determine at its onset that the entire Trump-Russia narrative was based on a dirt-dossier opposition research paper, and that fraudulent data was used to justify a FISA surveillance warrant, is all the Attorney General needs to justify replacing Mueller with an honest special-counsel prosecutor who will follow a necessary course of action.

Let’s continue the probe, lawfully, and take down these deep-staters.

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