Where rule-of-law & honest journalism are concerned, the state of our Union is…Banana Republic

Banana Republic.

There’s no other way to describe America today, when a known felon like Hillary Clinton can be paraded before the American public as a serious presidential candidate…and a duly-elected President is harried and harassed where no crime has been committed.

Yes, Martha, mishandling classified data on a home-brew server is a felony, and yes, Martha, the ‘justice’ system and FakeNews media gave Hillary a Free Pass.

Yes, Martha, there’s now a ‘special counsel’ investigating a non-crime, and positioning to indict Pres Trump for obstruction…from a crime that’s never been established.

Sadly, almost half the country is okay with the farcical nature of both situations, because (evidently), one’s political affiliation determines how, and against who, ‘justice’ is done.

The stench of hypocrisy is overwhelming.

And, regretfully, the hope of righteousness and courage within GOP ranks is waning.

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