Democrat House IT scandal is HUGE… why isn’t the GOP doing anything?

This Daily Caller op-ed headline says it all…

Where Are Republicans On The House IT Scandal?

Their silence has been deafening. This is a ‘hat-trick’ potential, where national security, the inept Democrat House, and the Trump-Russia collusion meme can be dealt with…

…and Republicans are sitting on their hands.

Democrats in the House of Representatives hired a Pakistani family-and-friend cohort to handle their information technology; suddenly all but two melted away to Pakistan, and the remaining two are indicted on some ridiculous real estate loan scam fraud when we know this group downloaded thousands of sensitive congressional emails.

They “…had access to all of the electronic data for a score of Democrats, including members of the House Intelligence and Homeland Security Committees. Imran Awan is even alleged to have the password to Wasserman-Schultz’ iPad. Maybe the Wasserman-Schultz emails didn’t come from the Russians as Wikileaks has always maintained, or if they did, perhaps they were first stolen by someone else.”

So, why aren’t Republicans all over this?

Is it because GOP members have compromising info that got swept up by the Awans? Has the House Republican branch “…ceased to function as a real political force”?

Or is it because delving deeper reveals the real culprits behind captured DNC-emails are none other than this Pakistani group, which kills the Trump-Russia construct, and even the Republicans invested in controlling this President don’t want him off the hook?

We think it may be a little more involved than that – especially considering the President hasn’t taken the opportunity to Tweet vulnerable Democrats to death over the extremely lousy security lapses they’ve committed…which he would do – in most circumstances.

This smells like an enormous security breach: the only possible reason we can think of to keep such a lid on by all interested parties would be that it might compromise our intelligence agencies’ ability to control it…or exploit it to America’s advantage.

This may not be the time to insist on transparency.

The President has chosen to be discreet…BlueCollar will respect that choice.

(UPDATED – Pakistani IT aides downloaded massive data remotely – from Pakistan!)


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