The faulty narrative of race-shamers, in 6 words

We have 6 words for race-shamers who falsely claim American oppression, history of slavery, and excessive police violence destroyed today’s black-American opportunities:

Clarence Thomas – Condoleezza Rice – Ben Carson

  • Clarence Thomas
    • Born 1948, Pin Point, Georgia; into severe poverty, living in a dirt-floor shack, product of a broken home
  • Condoleezza Rice
    • Born 1954, Birmingham, Alabama; in a segregated South, surrounded by racism
  • Ben Carson
    • Born 1951, Detroit, Michigan; from the poorest inner-city of Detroit, raised by a single mom who had only a 3rd-grade education

These 3 great Americans started with little in their favor, overcame, and succeeded.

In the shadow of great people who have achieved, for today’s black-American youth to claim their lot in life is hopeless because of white privilege…puts the lie to their claim.

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