The price for Faux Outrage…kneel, take your pink slip, and find real work

Open message to NFL players: Football is your JOB. A high-paying job, at that.

So, if your boss (for those who skipped their real college courses, the ‘owner’) tells you that part of your job description is to respect the flag that his customers love, do it.

But you do have a choice…take a knee, and then pick up your pink slip on the way out.

What the heck, right, it’s just a job. There must be other jobs out there for all you under-educated fools that didn’t take Business101 (or slept through the crucial lecture)…

…you know – the one that tells you alienating the boss’s customer is not a smart play.

Show us your resolve…by all means, stand by your principles by taking a knee (to protest the unfair oppression of a country that provides you a job opportunity paying millions per year to violently knock down and blind-side other like millionaires).

Yeah, channel that inner Rosa Parks…protest your idea of the wholesale police brutality that killed – let’s see – a total of 16 unarmed blacks last year, many resisting arrest.

As with any REAL job, though, just be prepared to take the consequences.

And good luck finding the next job paying $3.2 million per year, for 16 days work.

Or, better yet – for those who actually do have reasoned thought still percolating – try this idea on for size…how about taking a knee during half-time for REAL tragedy…

…like the wholesale inner-city slaughter playing out on a monthly basis in Chicago.

Just spit-ballin’ here, in case you want to show some outrage over a real crisis.

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