Queen of Fake-News New York Times… ‘…once more unto the (Trump-referendum) breach’

For breathless hyperbole and faux swooning virginity, you can’t beat the Times.

A special election in Georgia for the House seat to replace now-Health Secretary Tom Price has the NY Times aflutter, eagerly anticipating a (heavily financed) Democrat win.

Their assertion that “…it has evolved into one of the most consequential special elections in decades…” oddly fails to mention how the Left fabricates such ‘evolving’ processes.

This is probably a fourth or fifth time ‘unto the breach’ for Democrats since they lost big in November; each time, their win would be a ‘referendum’ on Trump and the GOP…

…strangely, their eventual losses were never seen as a referendum on Democrats.

But then, this is a well-traveled road for them, on their Never-Our-Referendum Bus.

(Witness reporting on the ’10 GOP House takeover, the ’12 GOP House wins building on that hold, the ’14 GOP Senate takeover, and November 2016 presidential win.)

It must be nice for them to dwell within a ‘referendum for thee, but not for me’ world.

In Shakespeare’s Henry V, the bodies of English dead storming French fortifications were a very real symbol of the price that’s paid when the battle wasn’t going their way, and they were urged “once more unto the breach, dear friends…”  by their King.

But, when they’re losing, for the NY Times and Democrats…

…Symbols…who needs symbols?

Needless to say, anything could happen. And the fact that they’ve poured a ton of money into this particular election makes it the “…most expensive House contest in history”.

(Consider this…of the $23 million Democrat donations, $700k is from within the district.)

So, if by some stroke of luck they win…

…it’ll be ‘the referendum’

…(not the money).

‘Consequential’? We’ll see…that $22.7 million dollar question will be answered tomorrow.

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