Looking like the cowards they are won’t get congressional Republicans re-elected

The Hill “GOP considers cancelling August recess to salvage agenda”

‘…salvage agenda’?

The only agenda this GOP Congress has is to undermine President Trump.

Let’s face it, if they’d started doing their job in January, a lot of the heat would have been diverted from the desperate Democrat fake news stories on a fabricated Russia collusion.

They allowed themselves to get caught up in the ‘let’s undermine Trump’ game the Left and their media masters have created…and it’s taken 6 months for them to wake up?

‘Salvage the agenda’ – Yeah, yeah…that’s the ticket…

When they should be asking themselves this: when it comes to re-election campaigns, how do they all fit in the  ‘Principles’, ‘Loyalty’, and ‘Integrity’ categories?

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