…since when is doing something lawful a crime, but slandering a president isn’t?

Why does the public continue to give ABC-NBC-CBS-CNN et al any legitimacy?

The sham-stream media has flooded the ‘news’ cycle with fake news of such a spurious nature that even a moron can understand the contradictions spewing forth daily.

If this ‘news’ was an investment stock for sale, its pitchmen would be jailed for fraud.

The President’s vilified for something he HASN’T done, and for what he legally CAN do.

There’s NO evidence justifying the non-stop media hype over the Russia-collusion claim. He DIDN’T order the Flynn investigation stopped (he could have, lawfully by the way), and he HAD THE RIGHT to fire Comey…at any time…without giving a reason…but…

…in a world where Sunday tabloids make fortunes reporting UFO mindswaps, we guess it shouldn’t be a wonder that – inevitably – this media is now infected with tabloid-fever.

The smoke and flames from this firestorm of ‘attack-Trump’ media-ites is fabricated arson ‘cuz this Flynn ‘thing’ should never have been…there’s no basis for him being a suspect. 

So Trump’s being attacked, vilified, and cast as impeachable because he was sticking up for a friend…who did nothing wrong, and shouldn’t have been under investigation.

It’s a damn shame the FCC doesn’t yank licenses over this media malpractice.

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