A definition of chaos…is when burden-of-proof no longer matters

If a memo-to-self about a private conversation is actionable, anything can be fabricated.

Comey’s supposed ‘memo-to-self’ – said to have been written after a meeting with President Trump – doesn’t pass the smell test, but you wouldn’t know by the reporting.

In an intelligence world where anything can be intercepted and known about anyone, it’s entering a world of chaos to accept such nebulous, unproven data as factual…

…or newsworthy.

What’s truly amazing is how the entire journalistic environment is suddenly discussing the mechanics and ramifications of what is basically the most specious form of hearsay.

Democrat politicians, most of them lawyers, know this…and must be dancing with glee.

We have no doubt more ‘memos’ of this nature will soon surface.

After all, when legitimacy isn’t an issue, anyone can write a memo…about anything.

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