Pssstt…hey buddy, wanna buy a memo?

Just when you thought the shamstream media couldn’t be any more disingenuous…

…they come out with a more ridiculous concept: i.e., that a handwritten memo that could have been penned at any time and may not even be reality is considered ‘ hard evidence’.

Got that? The NY Times is headlining a story to damage President Trump…

“Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn Investigation”

What’s missing from that headline?

“…according to a memo MR. COMEY WROTE…

… SHORTLY AFTER the meeting.”

Yep, just ask McCain…this has Watergate written all over it.

Hey! We have a memo we wrote shortly after a call from the NY Times owner, recording that they’re willing to sell their entire journalistic operation to BlueCollar for $1.00!

Wonder if that can be used as evidence?

Wouldn’t you love to see a Trump-twitter soon…

“Trump memo to self: Comey admits collusion with Obama, Hillary over emails, asks forgiveness, recommends investigation be re-opened.”

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