There’s only one way to fight back against the savaging of Trump

When you tweak the swamp creatures, you should be ready for the savagery.

In his inauguration, President Trump promised to return power to the people, and he promised an end to the process of a small group of elites reaping “…the rewards of gov’t while the people have borne the cost.” He put the swamp creatures on notice.

And they are attacking, with any flimsy claim fomenting a spectacle of faux outrage, in the wake of a sham-stream media tsunami whose pretense of objectivity has long been shed.

Trump supporters better understand there’s only one way to fight this relentless attack: keep supporting your President, because the swamp creatures will not go away quietly.

Several weeks ago, Democrats discovered they were revealed as the true enablers of the wealthy elite, when Democrat focus groups admitted their reasons for voting Trump.

Who could blame them? Due to Obama’s quantitative easing policy they saw historically huge siphoning of middle class and elderly wealth ending up with elite financial interests.

Wall St banks and corporate America profited as working families saw their money-market funds and savings account incomes shrink (per economic consultant David Smick).

So, when an upstart new President says he’ll drain the swamp, and effectively stop the lucrative Democrat policies benefiting the swamp creatures, all hell breaks loose.

The best way you can support this man is by continually hounding GOP congressmen to support President Trump, or face massive recrimination and/or recall processes.

And keep hounding them.


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