For those who caution against invoking the ‘i’ word…

For those who caution against invoking the ‘i’ word… too late: Obama’s already doing it.

The paralyzed GOP hasn’t talked ‘impeachment’, so Obama & co. will do it for them.

Fair enough, but if it’s already out there, there’s nothing to lose…and much to gain.

Impeach Obama and the Senate Democrats who defrauded Americans with their ‘if you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan’, ‘the individual mandate is not a tax’ lies, in a headlong attempt to get Obamacare passed before Americans woke up.

By doing so, they abused their power of office…thus committing the Constitutionally impeachable offenses of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’.

Their crimes were openly committed, with video evidence to prove culpability.

Despite Democrat promises, millions of Americans LOST their health plans; LOST their doctors; and in open (Supreme) Court session they admitted that it was, indeed, a tax.

Impeachment proceedings are initiated in the House, and tried in the Senate.

By impeaching Obama and Senate Democrats as a class, Senate power swings GOP… because an impeached Senator cannot sit in judgment on himself.

Obama and his Democrat cohort are tired of waiting for Republicans to make the move, and are now claiming that the impeachment proceedings will be imminent.

They intend to throw fuel on this fire whether true or not…

…not acting won’t do the GOP any good.

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