Don’t doubt it – Obama will do whatever it takes to energize the Democrat voter base

Don’t be surprised at anything Obama does between now and Nov elections.

Essentially gutting immigration law would be a perfect ploy to goad GOP lawmakers into impeachment talk, which helps Democrats energize the black & Hispanic vote for Nov.

Gutless leadership has left the Republican Party in paralysis, and given Obama carte blanche over the next several months to do ‘whatever’ before the midterm election.

He’s no longer constrained by the Constitution. Executive actions negating immigration law, forgiving student-loan debt, forcing unconscionable contraceptives on businesses, and illegal health-care subsidy handouts will all be in play…he needs voter turnout.

He’s capable of anything for October surprises, and doesn’t want to lose the Senate.

A man who leaves Americans to die in Benghazi so he can get re-elected…

…a man who endangers the lives of Central American children to stir up sentiment…

…is not bound by conscience, or oath of office…when votes are at stake. For Obama, the more outrageous the act, the greater chance he can get higher voter turnout.

This is not about one-upmanship…Republicans should roll the dice, and impeach Obama and the 37 Democrat Senators who defrauded Americans with Obamacare.

Impeaching them as a group neutralizes the Democrat Senate majority, because they can’t sit in judgment on themselves…the power then swings to a Republican Senate.

And that action could just energize more voters to stand with them this November.

Sure, it’s a gamble…but the alternative is to watch Obama get away with…


It’s now or never, Speaker Boehner.

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