Even Drudge misses this Clinton irony…wearing ‘leather’ to a wildlife CONSERVATION gala…?

Only a Democrat can get away with wearing leather to a wildlife conservation gala. If it were Sarah Palin, the media would have shredded her for such insensitivity.

At the risk of being judged unkind, Chelsea always seemed a little lethargic…

…and now, leather…at a wildlife conservation gala? Talk about clueless!

(Drudge ran Chelsea’s photo in the outfit above a caption regarding her NBC pay, and missed the ongoing irony of the media glossing over a glaring Democrat impropriety.)

Hey, when you’re able to notch ‘Clinton’ as your maiden name, and bring down $26,724 PER MINUTE working for the networks, guess you can get away with anything.

(The ‘wildlife’ sacrificed to make her outfit was, of course, not available for comment.)

It tells you all you need to know about Chelsea…NOT the sharpest pencil in the box.

And proves, again, how the media gives one Party a free pass…


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