Scent Of A…Set-up?

Obama is throwing a lot of wood on the election fire, much of it threatening Democrats.

Would it be too cynical to suggest a set-up?

Democrats, especially in the Senate, are running scared. They want distance; many of them are already trying to position themselves as mavericks (as if it mattered, but, hey).

Wouldn’t it be just like Obama to talk tough on coal and climate change in general, then cave to…Democrats, who ‘stand tough against Obama, and tall for (fill in the state)’?

Then in Nov elections, Joe Electorate once again votes for the ‘tough guy who stood up to Obama’, who then runs back to Washington DC to (you guessed it) toe the Party line.

(The visual? At home with constituents – a WOLF. On Capitol Hill n D.C. – a SHEEP)

Why else would Obama take Democrat-alienating stances 5 months before elections?

Just askin…

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