Looks like Democrats are REALLY hoping their voters are stupid

A May 13 Wall St. Journal story notes Democrat Senators ‘touting their roots’, hoping that their long line of family political activity will save them, come November.

Mary Landrieu’s pitch is especially priceless, additionally citing how she ‘took on Obama’ to get the Keystone XL pipeline project to become reality.

Problem is, looks like her Democrat Senate cohort just killed Keystone for this year.

What Landrieu and her other endangered Democrat Senate colleagues are hoping is that Democrat voters are too stupid to realize it doesn’t matter if any one Democrat Senator ‘takes on Obama’…when the balance of a Democrat majority supports him.

It’s what the Senate majority does that counts…and Democrat Senators in peril this November (Landrieu, Begich, Pryor, etc) hope voters don’t understand/know that.

Any legislation that could help the jobless, drive down gas and electric prices, and grow the economy is now at the mercy of the Democrat Senate majority (dozens of stalled GOP House bills that would help are still hidden in Harry Reid’s closet ‘lock-down’).

No amount of individual ‘but-I-fought-Obama’ Democrat posturing changes that…

…so their only hope is that their loyal-at-any-cost voter base is that stupid.

The Wall Street Journal summed it up very succinctly today…

…”(if voters) want anything meaningful done in the last two years of…Obama…they will have to elect a Republican Senate.” (emphasis added)

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