A solution for resolve-challenged Republicans

Representative Gowdy (R-SC) heads the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

Their purpose is to get answers. Democrats will scream ‘partisan witch-hunt’, and that all answers have been learned…BlueCollar believes there’s a HUGE one unanswered.

BCP has long held the view that failing to assist Americans during the fatal Benghazi attack is the most egregious act of this administration and its ruler – Barack Obama.

But, House Republicans have shown a remarkable lack of spine in this matter, we presume intimidated by an ‘historic’ cachet of this ‘First Black-American’ president.

The orchestrated White House ‘it-was-the-video’ lie has been proven. Hearings have already divulged the State Department did not request military assistance. But in the matter of where Obama was during the 8-hour+ attack – stonewall: nobody’s talking.

Only a president can authorize sending U.S. forces in to help embattled Americans in a foreign nation. But this president not only didn’t…he refuses to answer where he was.

But, one might ask, Americans were killed…why would a president be willing to suffer the justifiable criticism of ‘unknown whereabouts’, under such dire circumstances?

We suspect the reason for this stonewall is simple…Obama was too busy prepping for next day’s Vegas campaign stop, and his next pre-election debate. An op-ed alludes to a POTUS prep meeting with 3 consultants when Obama’s whereabouts are a mystery.

And, that Washington Post article by Marc Thiessen provides a method for backbone- deficient Republicans to get their answer, without giving ammo to media ‘pc-police’ (who seem to scream ‘racist’ every time this president is asked for an accounting).

Subpoena those consultants for the hearing now. Separate and isolate them, so they can’t talk to each other. Then, put them all under oath, and grille each separately.

Plus, subpoena the White House Visitor Log, to determine when they arrived and left that fatal night. The Benghazi annex assault ended around 11:30pm, DC time. If those consultants logged out after spending hours there, you can bet Obama was with them.

BCP is convinced you’ll learn Obama prepped for re-election…while Americans died.

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