If 2/3 of elected Washington, D.C. is Democrat, and Obama says ‘Washington’s not working…’

Obama’s favorite campaign pitch is ‘DC is broken…Washington’s not working’.

And the only way that tired line works is if his supporters dumb down

…because 2/3 of elected Washington D.C. is Democrat-led!

Consider this: The Republican-led House has passed dozens of bills to help get our economy back on track, and create effective job growth for legions of unemployed.

Over 240 bills passed in the GOP-led House are stalled in the Democrat-led Senate.

Now ask yourself…why is Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid refusing to give these House-created bills a chance to be voted on in a Democrat-controlled Senate?

Democrats have a 55-45 vote advantage. If they don’t like a Republican-created House bill, why not just vote them down in the Senate and be done with it? Just one reason…

…those Republican House bills make sense and could work, and many of Harry Reid’s Democrat Senators don’t want to be on record as voting against them.

Over 240 bills NOT being considered in the Senate.

Dozens of job bills…stalled in the Senate.

So, when Obama says ‘Washington’s not working’…

…he’s talking about Harry Reid and his Democrat Senate cohort.

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