Trump-haters should be happy to support election-fraud probes to prove him wrong…right?

Let’s end the madness, and invite all the 4-year Liberal #Resist anti-Trump’ers to join the GOP in a #IntegrityVote movement…w-fraud probes to #VerifyThe2020Vote.

Honestly, wouldn’t EVERY anti-Trump’er be happy to prove this President wrong about his fraudulent-election claims…? C’mon, #Resist’ers…join us in #VerifyThe2020Vote…

Surely, even Looney-Lefties would love to prove Trump wrong on this, right?

After all, they were beyond eager to push Russia-collusion & Ukraine quid-pro-quo and ChinaFlu panic LIES spread over these last four years…this should be a no-brainer!

The New York Times, CNN, CBS-NBC-ABC and Fox should be rushing to get on board this #ProveTrumpWrong train – they’ve got the investigating ‘journalists’ who can do it…

…or do they…?

And, let’s remember, it’s not just about fraudulent mail-in ballots for Biden – it’s equally important to determine if any large numbers of Trump votes were destroyed, too.

Bottomline: it’s in every Americans’ best interest to ensure election integrity.

Step up and prove 2020 election integrity…or SHUT UP, media.

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