Call it what it is…that whole PARTY is a den of China-enablers

Face it – Joe Biden is the Poster-child of the Democrat Party and its China enabling ways…from Feinstein to Biden, follow the money, and their corruption proves deep.

It doesn’t matter who becomes the final candidate for Democrats in November, they all have an in with the Beijing crowd, and will all kowtow to Chinese Communist leaders.

From trade deals to Wuhan Flu, Democrats have sold America down the Yangtze…

…and, yes…that’s a river in China.

They cashed in…at a high cost…as we became Little China.

They sacrificed American manufacturing, American jobs, American know-how, and American world leadership for bundles of yuan, the currency of corruption, while Sleepy Joe and Barack O’ were in the White House…peddling our kids’ future for their gain.

And this year, it’s cost tens of thousands of American lives…while their Yangtze buddies bought up and hoarded medical supplies, to hold us hostage to their virus.

Democrats were happy to accommodate, because their kids cashed in too…right Hunter? And who doesn’t wonder how that Vineyard Obama estate was paid for?

Bottom line – FOLLOW.THE.MONEY. It ain’t rocket science, folks.

In November, it really IS  a matter of us, or them…

…because there are a lot more Democrats who want their piece of the Hamptons, and they’ll be happy to sacrifice us and the future of our kids in order to cash in on that deal.

So, in November, you can vote (R), a vote for America…

…or, you can vote for more Big Trouble…in Little China.

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