The strength of our constitutional Republic is also its weakness…& America-haters know that

Simply put, ours is a government of ‘We, the People’ and, as such, that form of gov’t is as strong as ‘We, the People’ are willing to make it…its Republic powers flow from that.

The struggle today, manifested in Deep-State wrongdoing and, now, Wuhan Flu hysteria driven by fear-mongering deceit, is to determine if our Government is of the people…

…or ABOVE the people. (We define America-haters as wanting this scenario.)

The soft-coup efforts within an Obama-era weaponized federal system, was first meant to stop Donald Trump’s election, and then once elected, to hamstring or cast him out. Despite the voluminous (and relentless) lies of Democrat politicians, and herculean efforts to carry their water by a complicit FakeNews media, President Trump prevailed.

Their deceit has failed, and now we’re watching a concerted attempt to scurry back into the shadows by those most exposed as the foot-soldiers of He-Who-Can’t-Be-Named.

Those seeking to claw back power haven’t given up; now they’ve deliberately ripped apart our great American economy to do it, with a FakeNews assist to drive panic. When they failed to generate sufficient outrage to drive President Trump from office, they fell back on one of the most powerful weapons against Humanity…FEAR.

Using a (possibly nastier) ‘novel’ flu virus with a significant contagion rate and applied wildly incompetent computer modeling, they predicted BlackPlague consequences.

Cue the panic.

No matter how often the predictions were shown to be disastrously wrong, their ‘could be’ scenarios always shaded provably bad predictions with new, less-bad predictions.  And, with an assist from media fear-mongering keeping panic alive to the point where, even as we see death-counts egregiously inflated, we’ve allowed our liberties curtailed.

Fear is a powerful tool, and they’ve wielded that tool with stunning brutality.

The U.S. over-inflated death-count, as of today, stands at 94,327. Yet, even as reports come out that other causes of death have DROPPED significantly, that count prevails.  Some medical experts question the attributing of Wuhan Flu to cause-of-death, because many health officials are conflating ‘died from’ the virus to those dying ‘with’ the virus.

Even the CDC, instrumental in the conflation, admit states are recording deaths from other causes as being abnormally low…some experts claim it proportional. Obviously a death is a death…but if even half the deaths were positively attributable to the new virus, that means 47,160 would be added to the seasonal count…a bad year…

…but NOT a PLAGUE year…which, then, begs the question: if predictions and counts have been so wrong, why the relentless fear-mongering and over-hyped panic-porn?

Because it is continuing…as are the lock-downs and business closures.

When numbers are provably wrong, but panic-buttons remain firmly pushed, the only explanation possible for that activity is political in motivation…November elections.

And, where (foreign collusion, quid-pro-quo) lies and deception don’t work…FEAR will.

Some notably conservative outlets are uncertain of the election outcome, or conceding defeat based on predictive reasoning the Trump administration will get WuFlu blame.

So, we’re left with this: Reason vs Fear – which will win?

Reason based on fact proves WuFlu guesses and reporting data are deceptively wrong, and continue to be. But Fear driven by overwhelmingly partisan FakeNews media is a strong force. Will cynical pundits or an awakening populace determine 2020 elections?

Sure, administrations have been held accountable for economic downturns. And, the black and minority demographics have been held hostage in cities through rent control and soft/stealth bigotry and any other number of political ways, for decades. For over a century, Democrats have used fear to build its supporter coalitions – steeped in that manipulation, they’re experts at pushing buttons. But, slowly and surely many of their demographic support have seen only broken promises, and continued deprivations.

Virtually every GOP state is going full throttle to open their economies; every Democrat state is dragging heels, extending lockdowns, resisting growing pressures to re-open.  Combine that negative image with the fact that 7 out of the top 8 states hit hardest by the virus is a Democrat-run state…and their policies contributed to higher-than-avg death counts for the most vulnerable among us – our at-risk, elderly population.

Democrats praise now the very health experts who told the President in January and even February that this ‘novel’ virus was no big deal…as did Democrat politicians, who  railed against President Trump, accusing him of racism when he stopped China travel.

Democrat citizenry are being hurt as well, many losing their life’s work and dreams as Democrat state leaders hold their citizens hostage by enforcing unnecessary draconian lockdowns, in order to hurt the President’s chances at re-election in November.

Holding their state economies hostage with deceptively-fabricated data is a loser.

Not sure how FakeNews hides those facts.

Can Fear truly overwhelm that mountain of Reason?

The questions remain – will ‘We the People’ take back government that’s supposed to serve us, or accept their new Democrat-forced role…as us serving the government?

Will a Constitutional Republic’s strength prevail…or its weakness?

In this regard, ‘We the People’ are our only Hope…and our only Enemy.

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