Distancing measures to reduce spread of Wuhan flu are proactive, effective

The social distancing measures being recommended will slow and suppress the spread of this Covid-19 virus, more accurately seen as the Wuhan flu (where it originated).

Time will tell how effective these recommended actions will be. Just a few weeks of distancing measures should flatten the normal epidemic spikes, and that’s good.

Historically, the politics of such measures scared political leaders who didn’t take steps needed to combat sudden epidemics…fortunately, this President doesn’t play politics.

Just one more factor to think about, this November.

And, as for the ‘Wuhan’ descriptive, when all is said and done, it would behoove our political leadership to remember exactly where, and how, this latest pandemic started.

They suppressed critical initial information, hid real infection data, then when the tiger was out of the bag, had the gall to blame the United States as the origin of the flu.

Playing nicely with the Chi-com tiger got us to where we are today…reliant on China for critical medicines and medical supplies they now threaten to withhold. Happy with that?

Happy with China’s CONTINUING pandemic disinformation campaign?

A communist government, no matter how friendly they act, will turn on us.

Every time.

Need a friendly, low-cost, democratic foreign manufacturer? India, anyone?

As for making China pay for their Wuhan-flu misdeeds…

why not use the Trillion$$ we owe them to fund the looming stimulus package?

And, finally, one more distancing effort is needed…FROM CHINA!!

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