…as the media-belief paradox unfolds…their Panic Mongering isn’t logical


Worldwide, appx 7400 deaths are attributed to the Covid-19 virus, since it’s Nov ’19 reveal. If you believe the death toll is reported truthfully, then it’s lethality is comparable to std flu…which means there’s NO CAUSE for panic.

If you believe the reports are NOT truthful, then how do you know what CAN and CAN’T be believed  on the news? So far, there’s 85+ reported deaths from Covid-19 in the U.S., over half of those (48) were in Washington State alone.

Who can honestly believe that’s cause for nationwide panic?

Anyone? Anyone?

Now, do the math. China has about 4x the population of the U.S., and, if 40k flu-deaths occurred here last year, then AT LEAST 4x that amount (160,000) occurred in China.

(We say ‘at least’ because, unless you’re Bernie Sanders or Michael Moore, you know their healthcare services are worse.) Now, this Covid-19 broke out 4 months ago in China, and worst-case mortality rate would’ve been greater initially.

If it’s ’10x more deadly than std flu’ and an unprepared health service is taken by surprise, the first 4 months logically would have seen a higher death rate…there should’ve been a resulting death count in China of hundreds-of-thousands by now.

Yet, the worldwide death count is just 7400+.


Either the FearMongerNews (& reporting nations) are lying about number of deaths, or they’re lying about the seriousness of the pandemic. Think about that…wouldn’t they tell the truth about deathcounts, if they wanted to keep everyone on edge, desperate to rely on gov’t help, and glued to TV screens by reporting huge death numbers?

(Or, dare we suggest it…in order to smear the President as failing to respond?)

We’re just guessing, but numbers don’t lie…the numbers to date don’t come anywhere near justifying FearMongerNews reporting. Standard health precautions are advisable…

…but panic???

It just doesn’t add up. (this link added Mar 18)

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