Since when is fruit from a poisonous tree edible…?

Those wandering deep in the weeds of the Roger Stone indictment case seem so bent on justifying the sentence of that former Trump aide, they forget a basic legal tenet…

‘fruit from a poisonous tree’ is, as well, poison.

It’s a doctrine usually applied to evidence illegally obtained, but how is that any different from indictments obtained from what’s proven to be an illegally-mounted investigation?

Russia-collusion blather is exposed as a Democrat-funded HOAX. Not one indictment handed down by Mueller’s team involved Americans working with Russians to meddle.

All the allegations from the dirt-dossier were fabricated from thin air, hearsay and lies spun together to provide a web of deceit that was used to justify, first surveillance of then-candidate Trump, and after, to delegitimize/hamstring him and his new team.

Rule-of-Law requires credible probable cause must exist to initiate legal proceedings against targeted Americans, but the ‘collusion’ investigation was founded on a HOAX.

The poison-tree doctrine should apply; no process crime indictments can be allowed to stand…otherwise, illegally obtained indictments are given an undeserving credibility

…and further illegally-founded chicanery will be encouraged.

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