Why won’t they impeach the one who admits to a coerced quid-pro-quo?

In view of what’s anticipated “Democrats tee up their next impeachment cause” it would be a good idea for some solid pushback from the President on this issue…

…why won’t they impeach the one who ADMITS to a coerced quid-pro-quo?

Yeah, yeah…we know…Joe Biden is a possible 2020 political opponent of his.

Okay, then – Republicans in Congress should ask the question…

…at the beginning of any and all interviews, televised or not.

Biden publicly admits to a coerced quid-pro-quo, flat-out stating in one of his Ukraine visits – as Obama’s Ukraine ‘point man’ – he threatened to withhold financial aid.

That should be rammed home every time a Republican’s questioned.

Where there’s evidence, they turn a blind eye…where there’s none, they fabricate it.

Enough, already.

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