The entire 3-year HOAX couldn’t have lasted without a SEDITIOUS media

As reported (throughout the universe now): “FBI Director Christopher Wray acknowledges illegal FISA surveillance with no probable cause”

From the start, the Democrat scheme carried out by partisan deep-staters and enabled by a complicit media was illegal, and could only continue with that seditious media.

It bears repeating…

…this 3-yr HOAX nightmare SUCCEEDED & THRIVED due to complicit media.

Politicians lie, smear, and scheme – an objective media holds them accountable.

Our U.S. Constitution says that ‘Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…’ but if that press uses its ‘freedom’ to undermine an election process which is foundational for a government of and for the people it violates its role.

It’s the very definition of SEDITION.

Seditious elements of that press need to be held accountable, along with hoaxsters.

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