Thrilled by their SHAMpeachment, it shows they still don’t know who they’re dealing with

Does anyone remember who got the first base hit in the 2019 World Series, game one?

Does anyone care?

“Pelosi gloats: Trump has been impeached ‘forever’”

They really don’t have a clue who they’re dealing with. House impeachment process of a president is just the first step in the process…the trial and verdict are the other steps.

It’s like declaring a victory after getting a base hit…

…but the final score depends on the runner getting to home plate. In effect, they’re bragging about reaching first base – as if getting to home plate doesn’t even matter.

Democrats are giddy over impeaching Donald Trump, but he could care less, because 1) there was no impeachable crime committed, and, 2) the final result is all that matters.

Being falsely charged doesn’t make one guilty; being acquitted makes one not guilty.

Any politician who thinks Pres Trump will worry about the ‘stain of impeachment’ doesn’t know the man they’re dealing with; after he’s acquitted, the real investigations begin.

And, when the impeachment crowd finally gets revealed for the corrupt politicians they are…as just trying to use impeachment to stall the inevitable…the real trials begin.

If rule-of-law and its equal application prevail, the stain of their corrupt behavior will be remembered long after the travesty of their false impeachment narrative fades away.

That’s what ‘WINNING’ looks like.

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