Hmmm…if the impeachment trial must be ‘fair’…there can’t be a trial

Democrats screaming for a ‘fair’ Senate trial have a self-created problem…

…since our Constitution sets the standard at “…Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”…because their articles of impeachment don’t meet the standard.

Just to be clear:

As the Chief law enforcement officer of the land, Pres. Trump has a right, an obligation, to ask foreign powers to investigate instances of (ironically, self-confessed) corruption.

And billions of American tax-dollars funded to Ukraine disappeared.

Article 1 of their impeachment accuses the President of power abuse, but it’s his actual constitutionally-granted power USE that Democrats got all worked up about.

Article 2 claims obstruction, but – without a crime to obstruct – there is no obstruction.

If Democrats demand a ‘fair’ impeachment, the only thing to do is bury this unfair one.

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