This logic for impeaching House Dems seems unassailable…

Best argument written so far over the Democrats’ craziness agenda.

At the “Impeach Pelosi and Schumer”

The money quote: “If “obstruction of Congress” is a cause for impeachment, then “obstruction of the president” must also fall into that same arena of malfeasance.”

As the author notes, this is about the checks-&-balances system of our government.

“At the center of the constitutional structure of our government as designed…is the idea that the president, the Congress and the judiciary would play off each other. They would balance each other out, and this would ensure that no branch would have singular, autocratic power. It appears that the Democratic members of Congress missed this Madisonian point during their educations prior to arriving on Capitol Hill.”

In our opinion, the author doesn’t go far enough, failing to make the point that, as the Nation’s law enforcement leader, corruption is a serious matter worthy of investigation.

Especially when it involves a former Vice President, committing acts while in office.

That suggestion of corruption investigation is what set off this latest round of anti-Trump SHAMpeachment mania, serving as the basis for their first impeachment article – but is carrying out one’s OFFICIAL duty to investigate criminal acts impeachable? NO.

It’s obvious that their effort is intended to obstruct investigating REAL acts of corruption.

We’re curious why the Trump team hasn’t pushed this irrefutable logic to its conclusion.

Regardless, the author’s point is clear: Democrats are eminently impeachable…


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