Why are House Democrats so hellbent on weakening our national security?

First, Democrats stalled efforts to strengthen our southern border, now…

“Pelosi moves to limit Trump’s actions in Iran with War Powers Resolution vote”

At what point do Democrat voters say ‘enough’?

The general our military exterminated last week had orchestrated many attacks which killed or wounded hundreds of our American military, and the embassy attack last week.

He may have been a ‘general’ by Iran standards, but he was a terrorist by ours. He was planning more attacks against us, in Iraq, when he was reduced to room temperature.

The war powers act, and COMMON SENSE, justified the President’s action. And, as the Iranian gov’t was on notice of the IRGC terror designation in April, they were warned.

The billion$ Obama sent to Iran did nothing but encourage that nation’s leaders to step up their terrorist-enabling efforts “Obama-era cash traced to Iran-backed terrorists”.

They thought, as with Obama, they could act with impunity. They were wrong. President Trump gave fair warning…they ignored it. Steps taken were righteous, and deserved.


But now a more concerning aspect of this situation is playing out as Democrats, bent on nulling his efforts whenever possible, play partisan games with our national security

By pulling these partisan Democrat stunts in Congress, the House Democrats hamper the efforts to fight and defeat terrorism that can’t be appeased, only exterminated…

…with EXTREME prejudice.

It’s time Democrat voters demanded that their politicians stand up for America…

…or resign.

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