Seriously, libtards…if Ukraine corruption & election meddling is an issue, your guys will go down

Screams from the Liberals emanate seconds after our previous post, challenging the concept that – if anyone is at risk – Democrats with serious background problems are.

Think about it: at issue is the call President Trump made with the Ukrainian president, asking him to investigate corruption and 2016 election meddling. If Liberals believe that somehow, Democrats are immune from those issues, we have a bridge we’ll sell them.

Democrats allege the request for investigations were meant for Trump’s political gain; it doesn’t take a legal expert to know that opens the door to ‘what occurred, and when’?

Does anyone believe Obama, Biden, or Clinton want this to go to the Senate?

Was there corruption, extortion, quid-pro-quo? Even Biden admits there was…on video.

Was there 2016 election meddling? Even our media and the Ukraine admits there was.

Can the President justify asking Ukraine to investigate this? YOU BET.

Corruption and election meddling is troubling: it needs to be…it must be…investigated.

But, think about this for a minute…such an investigation can only be ‘politically beneficial’ for a Republican president or Party if Democrats are GUILTY.

Democrat-fawning media can only obscure so much – being under investigation will be inevitably downplayed or ignored…but PROVEN GUILT can’t be swept under a rug.

It’s too late to be careful what you ask for, libtards…looks like you’re gonna get it.

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