Defined: Arrogance & Elitism…before the fall

In a baffling display of detached, clueless behavior, elitist and arrogant Democrats bring 3 elitist and arrogant Left-wing lawyers to the SHAMpeachment hearing for all to see.

It was soon established that not one of these so-called legal ‘experts’ had personal knowledge of a single material fact that makes up all the Democrats’ ‘charges’…

…yet, all three of them said…based on NO EVIDENCE OR PROOF...’yes, impeach’.

One went so far as to claim ESP, implying that, when the President asked the Ukraine leader to help ‘us’, that meant ‘the Royal We’ (Trump)…rather than America as a whole.

This is what they’re reduced to…ESP and opinion…as opposed to material facts.

There’s not one material fact in Democrat charges…3 Left-wing proven Trump-hating lawyers just confirmed that fact on LIVE TV…but that won’t convince the rabid mob.

(And, we sure as hell won’t hear about it on CNN.)

The single GOP ‘witness’ – himself, a Left-wing lawyer – said it best: (paraphrasing) ‘…if this is the best you Democrats have, YOU yourselves are guilty of abuse of power…’

We agree with the President – let’s wrap this SHAM up, impeach, then open the bag of real corruption, abuse-of-power, bribery, and extortion for all to see…in the Senate trial.

On all those charges they have opinion; but Republicans have material facts PROVING the previous Obama administration, and many current Democrats, guilty as charged.

Ironically, the arrogance and elitism Democrats are trying to use to obscure those facts are the SAME characteristics that energized American citizens…to vote ‘Trump’ in 2016.

By all means…let this SHAMpeachment play out.

Pelosi and Democrats think their media can carry the water for them in this process, but if current public opinion is any factor, they’ll soon discover that thought is a forlorn hope.

Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Obama – allĀ are wrapped up in past Ukraine shenanigans, and in the Senate…where the President will be allowed to make HIS case…it will come out.

And, then…please God…the American WE can get on with our lives.

Faster, please.

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