Considering how a GOP senate can turn this on them, do they really want to go there?

“Dems could draft 4 articles of impeachment, GOP plans for full Senate trial, sources say” Abuse of power. Bribery. Contempt of Congress. Obstruction of justice.

Abuse of power? You mean, like weaponizing federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, falsifying FISA apps, and unlawfully unmasking American citizens? 

Bribery? You mean, like BRAGGING about the extortion of Ukrainian officials to shut down corruption probes that could implicate an American VP’s son…and the VP?

Contempt of Congress? You mean like illegitmately using that institution to set up ‘hearings’ in an effort to overturn the legitimate results of the 2016 election?

Obstruction of justice? You mean, like demanding that Ukrainian officials block probes of how Ukraine stopped corruption investigations and meddled in our 2016 elections?

Seriously? Do the Democrats want to go there? Okay…pull that trigger, Nancy.

Then, there’ll only be one question to ask:

Who DOESN’T hold Congress in contempt?

Because it’s obvious that Democrat politicans in general do.

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